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Lately, I saw the traffic is getting pretty low on the BDZone Server. Fewer people are playing actively nowadays. But as of my knowledge, It is very common, especially in Bangladeshi servers. People easily get bored playing Minecraft unless new things or interesting events happen. The exception is dedicated builders like my friend Jeyan who always build and create empire after empire. This type of player is very rare and you will get 5/4 of them in the whole server who will continue to grind on peacefully. The rest of the layman people will only play when they feel like it. I get it, that's how a game should be. We should not overplay a game that ruins our social lives. But actually, there are people who despite free time and a good...
Zombiepolis is a small city map aimed to made like a post apocalyptic environment. This map has stunning locations and details that will make you feel realistic than other maps you have explored. Dive in to the future apocalyptic world and feel how would you are going to survive. If you are looking for a realistic zombie apocalyptic map to play with different kind of zombie and weapon mods, you are at the right place! Download and explore our Zombiepolis city, a stunning and beautiful post apocalyptic world that will push your survival experience to the limit. This lightweight map is especially made for PE players to experience a better apocalyptic environment. Zombiepolis map is made for multi purpose uses. You can play survival...