Minecraft Live is an annual gaming extravaganza where Mojang and Microsoft unveil a treasure trove of news and updates for the Minecraft universe. This year's event was no exception, as they unveiled a plethora of thrilling updates for Minecraft, Minecraft Legends, and more. Let's dive into the most significant announcements from the Minecraft Live 2023 stream.
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Image credit: Xbox Game Studios

1. New Minecraft DLC:​

Minecraft enthusiasts can look forward to two remarkable DLC packs on the horizon. "Star Wars: Path of the Jedi" DLC, launching on November 7, 2023, lets players progress from padawan to Jedi knight, wield lightsabers, and harness force powers. Meanwhile, a "Planet Earth III" DLC, focusing on educational content, will grace both Minecraft Education and Marketplace in 2024, immersing players in the wonders of the natural world.

2. Minecraft Legends Updates:​

Minecraft Legends is getting a facelift based on player feedback. The upcoming "Creeper Clash" Lost Legend, set to release on October 19, offers a Halloween-themed adventure. December will bring another Lost Legend titled "Snow vs Snout." Also, a major update in December introduces frogs, new piglin units and structures, and an allied witch character.

3. 15th Anniversary Celebration:​

Mojang is gearing up to celebrate its 15th anniversary with exciting surprises and updates. In a heartfelt message, Kayleen Walters, the head of franchise development at Mojang, expressed gratitude for the Minecraft community's creativity and dedication. Expect more celebrations and updates in 2024.

4. Mob Vote 2023 Winner:​

The annual mob vote allows fans to choose the next creature to join Minecraft. This year's contenders were crabs, armadillos, and penguins. Despite some controversy and a petition, the armadillo emerged as the victor. While fans had hoped for all three creatures, only one was chosen.

5. Minecraft Version 1.21:​

Minecraft's major updates usually come once a year, but 2023 brings a significant change. Version 1.21 is a substantial update featuring redstone crafters, new combat trials in trial chambers, trial spawners, and the introduction of a new mob called the Breeze. These additions promise to bring fresh excitement to the Minecraft world.


Minecraft Live 2023 brought a treasure trove of announcements and updates, ensuring that fans of the game have an exciting year ahead. With new DLC, Minecraft Legends improvements, the 15th-anniversary celebrations, the mob vote winner, and Minecraft Version 1.21, there's plenty to look forward to in the world of Minecraft.