Note:This thing was written by me a long time ago,so there could be some grammar mistakes.
And the source for this theory:GameTheory.

Note:This thing was written by me a long time ago so there could be some grammar mistakes.
and the source of this theory is:GameTheory
Hello guys! Today I'm going to tell the history of Minecraft, so let's start it.
Once upon a time, there was an ancient civilization that was like us players.
They started to make stone tools, but as time passes, they made many things, like desert temples and monuments, but they don't make anything to protect themselves from the mobs, so they make iron golem. When the iron golem was created, some people tried to think about why we should build now and protect ourselves after all, we have iron golem, so they forgot to craft and build, and they were known as villager.

But some of them didn't want to stop; they wanted to
research more, so they make a portal that they call a nether portal when they
enter, they see lava everywhere, so they built a fortress so that they
can research but some them die of this new environment so other ones buried them on nether but that works different from overworld so their souls got stuck on a thing called soul sand and their body become black skeleton and they were alive and started to protect the fortress and they called it wither skeleton.

Then other ones thought to bring back friends so they can live with their friends again,so they gather soul sand and wither skeleton's heads but they accidently created a monster called wither that destroys everything in its path.

So, they build an under ground base to a safety called as stronghold and they made warden to protect it,

then they built a portal to protect them from wither so they built end portal but they didn't knew that would be a one way trip when they arrive they see there is no way to escape they are stuck there! They saw a dragon that they couldn't beat.

So they started to live there. They make end cities with their limited resources and also ran out of food, so they started to eat the chorus fruit that makes them teleport to random places.
Generation after generation, they forgot to build and craft because why build if there's no escape? And lastly, they became ender men,

but they still have some powers like talk and grab some blocks. But after so many years, we players arrive,
we follow their crafting recipe, and we go to the end and kill the ender dragon. The achievement we get after killing the ender dragon is called Free the End,
but the ender men forgot that they were humans so many years ago, so they don't get the point of the death of the ender dragon. So guys, that is the history of Minecraft!I know that this theory has updated since then but i think this is basic idea about the history of Minecraft.Its kinda simple against other games history but hey!we love minecraft so its something.Hope you guys like it and see you again when i find something interesting to share.